The purpose of the “alumni student forum” is to facilitate regular informal meetings between ex-students and present students enabling them to share their professional experiences by giving vocational guidance and placement services assistance. Through this process, we plan to acquaint our existing students on the different career options that are available for them and initiate many more recruitment drives by establishing personal networks over time.


  • To support the college mission and vision
  • To build and sustain a strong belongingness to college and students
  • To facilitate communication between the ex-students and the current students
  • To develop a permanent network that keeps students in touch with each other
  • To stimulate and strengthen loyalty and a spirit of fellowship amongst its members
  • To promote and encourage continued dialogue between the alumni and the college community
  • To host alumni functions
  • To assist the placement of students by working with and by supporting the efforts of the college placement cell
  • To honor distinguished students and members’ accomplishments



Nearly 200 students had turned up for the last alumni meet. Many of them are now successful in their chosen sphere of activity and have attributed their success to their learning experiences, sense of discipline and values imbibed at the institution. Alumni Association has been formed to gain from the enormous experiences and expertise of our ex-students, while simultaneously facilitating academic interaction between past and present students. This has helped us in enriching our quality of learning and teaching. The alumni association is the outcome of our ex-students desire to strengthen links with their alma mater as proud ex-St. Marians.



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