Various committees are constituted in the College for the smooth and efficient management of activities. It also gives the opportunity to the faculty members to grow and develop in their field and administrative skills. The committees are constituted by the Principal in consultation with HOD for one academic year or until new committees are formed.

Academic Excellence Committee

 A Committee constituted to manage the varied aspects of the academic curriculum throughout the year like the subject-wise plan, year plan, class scheduling, class management and ensuring strict adherence to the plans and schedules
1. Mrs. M. Sudha
2. Mrs. B. Lavanya
3. Mrs. G. Suvarchala
4. Mrs. Srivatsala
5. Mr. Mateen
6. Mr. Ravi Kumar

Placement Committee

 A Committee instituted to screen, select, train, develop, mould and thus enable our St. Marian's reach the competency levels desired by the corporate industry. A dedicated team of professionals are involved in the multi-level activities that go into making of a confident and a competent St. Marian.
1. Mrs. Deepthi
2. Mr. Soma Sandhya
3. English Faculty
4. Mrs. K. Maheshwari
5. Mr. K. Tulasi Ram

Discipline Committee

 A Committee formed essentially to maintain order, decorum and discipline in the college campus. It is a part of our continuous endeavor to bring out the best behavior in our students and thus maintain the sanctity of our institution.
1. Mrs. Bhaghya Lakshmi
2. Mr. K. Tulasiram
3. Mrs. M. Sudha
4. Mr. Ravi Kumar
5. Mrs. Nancy D'Souza
6. Mrs. V. Swathi Kumari

Web Content Committee

 A Committee involved in presenting an upfront image of the institution. We have a team that interacts continuously to bring out the latest updates on all fronts to a wide range of web audience and the different stakeholders of the institution.
    1. Computer Science Department
      English Department

  • Anti-Ragging Committee

     As part of the mandatory compliance to the AICTE Regulation of 2009, which prohibits and prevents ragging in educational institutions, a Committee has been constituted to look into the different problem areas and address them timely by counseling and guiding the students.
    1. Rev. Fr. D. Sunder Reddy (Principal)
    2. Mrs. Bhaghya Lakshmi
    3. Mr. K. Tulasiram
    4. Sadhiya Sultana - 3RB(Student)
    5. Balvinder - 3CB(Student) 4. Bala Teja - 3CA (Student)
    4. E. Vaishnavi - BBA3 (Student)

    Choir & Assembly Committee

    A Committee formed to organize, arrange and execute the activities that are part of the daily assembly. Right from the reading of a selected scripture passage to singing of hymns and many thoughtful activities are managed by the team.
    1. Mrs. Deepthi
    2. Mrs. Shiela
    3. Mrs. Dorothy
    4. Mr. Dhanraj
    5. Mrs. Veronica

    Attendance Committee

     A Committee constituted to look into the attendance of the students. This team is committed to monitoring the regularity and punctuality of the students. It aims to bring about a sense of ownership in students as we encourage them to value the most precious thing in life today i.e., "Time"
    1. Mrs. Shiela
    2. Mr. K. Ravi Kumar
    3. Mrs. V. Sreeprada
    4. Mrs. K. Maheshwari
    5. Mrs. V. Swathi Kumari
    6. Mrs. Veronica Muir
    7. Ms. P. Kranthi
    8. Mrs. Rajya Laxmi

    Co-curricular /Cultural Committee

     A Committee formed to look into the many various co-curricular and cultural activities that are part of our yearly programs. The lively and the exuberant committee members organize and encourage students to participate in the plethora of activities planned for the year.
    1. Mrs. Swarna latha
    2. Mrs. Soma Sandhya
    3. Mrs. Dr. Sonali Mehta
    4. Mrs. Krishna Kumari

    Student – Staff Welfare Committee

     A Committee constituted to understand and address the various issues concerning the welfare of students and staff alike. Right from infrastructure issues to canteen concerns are all resolved by the efficient team members of the committee.
    1. Mrs. V. Sreeprada
    2. Mrs. Soma Sandhya
    3. Mrs. Dr.Sonali Mehta
    4. Mr. Mateen
    5. Mrs. Krishna Kumari
    6. Mr. DhanRaj

    Examination Committee

     A very important committee committed towards ensuring strict compliance to the schedules and patterns as and when notified by the University Examination Board. The timely internal schedules and question papers are coordinated by the enterprising team.
    1. Mrs. M. Rajya Laxmi
    2. Mrs. Subba Laxmi
    3. Mrs. G. Suvarchala
    4. Mrs. Pallavi
    5. Mrs. B. Lavanya
    6. Mrs. Srivatsala
    7. Ms. P. kranthi
    8. Ms. D. Sandhya
    9. Mr. Prem sagar

    Hospitality Committee

    1. Mrs. V. Sreeprada
    2. Mrs. Dorathy
    3. Ms. D. Sandhya
    4. Mrs. Jalaja

    Photo & Writeup Committee

    1. Mrs. V. Sreeprada
    2. Mrs. K. Maheshwari
    3. Mr. Mateen
    4. Mrs. R. Divya
    5. Mrs. Angela Christina

    Sports & NCC Committee

    1. Mr. Paul - Physical Director

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